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Fever Dream

Piss blood 

and question

the purity

of the lamb

that spoke 

such noble words

on innocence 

and pure feeling

and let you do things

you didn’t know

you wanted 

to do

Cough black bile 

and laugh hysterically 

Venus blames me for her


by saying I’m “confusing”

yet I just keep dying faster

than this goddess ever will

for her it is a blessing

for me it is a blessing

ignorance will keep her 

sheltered and warm

like young wolves coddling 

the mother’s tit

like they always 


to do

Stumble down hallway 

stare into eyes of God

accept his hand

in proposal

the unholy act

of leaving ones body

to only come back

moments later

after moving

through worlds 

before unknown

intense geometry 

that only the 

trippers talked


I saw 

with my own two eyes

and I peeled down 

the narrow hallway

and out of my pants 

and out of my shirt

and out of my clammy skin

into the golden light

into the being it wanted 

me to be

blowing horn

calling angels 

calling demons

it’s just another birthday party

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Fast men
With bright hearts
And tired eyes
Driving through weeds
And wearing sweaters
Holding loose women
With firm breasts
And tired eyes
Drinking sweet things
And kissing the men
On the neck

A storm approaches
And kills everybody
The only thing left
Is the tired eyes

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